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long time no see you livejournal.
how have you been?

just to update my life.
Studying in RP now. Struggling like a fish that is out of the water.
I have take maths and science all over again! BUT i think that is not the worst subject ever!
Organisational behaviour and cognitive problem is a big problem! LOL!
no matter how logic u answer the question, you will still get 1 out of 4. The 1 mark is for the logic answer we answered the rest is the terms that we need to include in the logic. lol!

RP seriously squeeze all my brain juice since day one!
today its the last week, week 15 and i can say i'm officially dead.
I'm so tired!
The everyday one problem studying method is seriously good in a way because it makes your brain think and think and think everyday! If you don't think u won't understand and if you don't understand, you cannot answer questions during presentation and you will gain nothing through out the whole day.
Everyday is just the same routine.
Report at 8.30am, end at 3.30pm. (boring)

Thanks to all the awesome food in RP, i can't control my taste bud!
what to do?
every time i tell myself i got exercise = i can eat. HAHA!
omg... i have to stop this thinking AHHHHH!



recently, baby just moved house!
Move to somewhere FAR FAR AWAY! :(
which means if i wanna meet him, i have to travel FAR FAR!
We can't take the same train home and he can't send me home already! BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
But his new house is awesome! i love his new bed so comfy! (:

ok i think that is all for now.

Goodbye. (2NE1 is AWESOME!)
am i really very selfish?
can't i voice out what i am thinking?
so what if i don't like it? i tell you you also won't be happy with it what right?
make it feels like i'm forcing you not to do things you love.
I don't want to make you upset so i say GO AHEAD AND TRAIN! But you say i'm making you feel guilty.
So if i ask you not to go training you will also be upset and i'll feel guilty RIGHT?!

i only request you for the last two weeks before i start school.
I want you to accompany me to enjoy my days till late before school start but your reaction is huh like that i cannot train. Okay then.
Go train all you want i won't interfere your training, won't mess up your sleeping times so you will be in good condition to train.

If i didn't stick to you, follow you to training, i don't think i'll see you at all.
yup i think i'm just selfish. 
I'll just keep things to myself, say already also won't make the both of us happy.
Rest In Peace our Prince Charming Milo!

you will be in heaven together with Coco, free from all the pain!


Rest In Peace our Princess Coco! (:

Be strong our baby prince... We want you home.... 

Our handsome boy MILO! :D

How would you feel if i'm always talking about other people to you?
How would you feel if i've already planned my schedule/practices with other people and have no time for you?

maybe to you it is ridiculous to be jealous about small things like that and make such a big fuss about this.
But have you ever thought of it? How would you feel if you are in my shoes? 
I'm a girl! This is all about how i feel and not about being childish or not! 
being jealous is not something i can control! if i won't be jealous then i'm not a human!

I know i'm not fit enough to be on track with you, cannot cycle with you, cannot do endurance like you can. 
From now on, i'll go and train myself, you can go ahead and train as much as you want i will not interfere with your training schedule and pull you down. I'll train the marathon on my own! 
 Yes its Chinese New Year Eve today and we will be having reunion dinner!


but sad to say i'm down with flu! DAMN! :( 
gonna take some flu med from my sis and hope i recover by tomorrow! rah...
Hate flu! seriously hate flu!!!
no should say hate to be sick! whats more its CHINESE NEW YEAR! :(
boohoo! :(


this is so true! 
i'm always retarded!
always asking stupid questions!
always look so ugly!
always do disgusting things! (ha)
but KLM Ian still loves me! <3 (hee)

Ian Kong Li Ming is LOVE!
7 weeks more including this week and i'll be graduating! Isn't that fast?
Within these weeks we have to chiong our modules like mad...
Next week sem proj 1 due and FCM practical test, 2 weeks later is SEM proj 2 which is our actual event, then 2 weeks later is SEM proj 3 and FCM test i think and last week of school will be FCM and SEM theory test paper.
WTH right? :( Boohoo i miss school!

now all of us are worried about polys. What if we can't get into any poly? We can't go degree straight! Its so hard, we'll fail and drop back to a higher nitec cert! how shitty is this. sigh....
Business is my weakest point so i can go NYP but i would like to try.
I don't really like RP's way of studying and the RJ thing is kinda stupid zzz...
other then that, i can only choose business courses if i don't go RP, but only RP provide sports science! :(

HOW! tell me HOW! :( 


This weekend I'll be performing at Square 2 together with OB* people! It is a mandopop singing competition, we are one of the guest performance. If you people are free, do come down and support OB* Crew :D We'll be singing a mix of chinese and english songs! (:

Simpli5 joined Impressario 2011 last Saturday,,
Our guitar string came off when we were going to practice one last time before going for audition, but our awesome guitarist Daryl manage to play without that string so we manage to practice and went to sign up n get our number tag and guess what? They say no instruments for audition! -.-" what the hell, i've never seen audition that doesn't allow instrument! Its a group audition, how can there be no instruments? Its not like we're a full acapella band! LOL! so we had no choice but to do an acapella version of our song! SUPER LAST MIN! hahaha. but still we did well though there were still some problems during audition! hahaha! but the judges say we will have high chance getting in!
So Simpli5 lets do our best! FTW! (:

direct copied from miaoru's blog. hahaha!

Support Lucky 王施引! 海蝶旗下新人,JJ Lin 的师弟!

So proud of him <:


His newly released self composition singles: 爸妈好

Click here: http://music.yule.sohu.com/20110114/n278871881.shtml

Currently the No.1 on Baidu new song charts!

This song brings back endless sense of nostalgia. Reminds of VerySinger days. When all of us were working so hard for everything. So glad that among us there is one who made it out of SG. I’m sure we are all happy that Lucky made it this far!!!